Faran Shimi


Faran Shimi Pharmaceutical Company has been founded in 2001 as the manufacturer of high quality Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (APIs) as well as some finished dosage forms. Faran Shimi is one of the affiliated companies of Golrang Pharmaceutical Investment Company. During the past three years, Faran Shimi has devoted all its efforts to extract alkaloid opiates and controlled drugs along with other APIs. At present a significant amount of Faran Shimi opiate narcotics and API products are consumed by major pharmaceutical companies throughout the country as Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients. Some portion of that product is exported to other countries in MENA region, North America and Europe.
The whole manufacturing procedures are implemented under local GMP in a SOP driven work environment equipped with modern process systems and well placed utilities.
Each finished batch is tested in laboratories taking the use of monograph methods to ensure that it continues to meet the exact specifications. A group of highly experienced chemical and pharmaceutical researches in Research and Development center focus on the development of safe, efficient processes to manufacture Narcotics Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients and Finished Dosage Forms according to USP/ BP/ EP  to achieve market leadership in domestic as well as international markets.