Golrang Pharmaceutical
Investment Company

Established in 2010, GPI (Golrang Pharmaceutical Investment Co.) is one of the 65 owned companies by GIG. We are one of the leading and fastest growing Pharmaceutical companies within MENA region for handling,manufacturing, distribution and export of medicinal APIs and FDFs. Owning GMP licensed manufacturing facilities, we believe that we can support our clients with their strategic focus of improved efficiency through low cost and high quality products.

As mother company

We are a private-owned, family business. The public recognize us via our sustainable development, market leadership, trusty brands and commitment to ethics and social responsibilities.


 Key figures 2017


18000 (More Than)


 1800 Million
Total sales
 50 (Almost)
Allocation of profit in R&D
 1 Billion
Unit sales annually
Product categories


Afghanistan, Armenia, Australia, Azerbaijan, Colombia, England, Georgia, India, Iraq, Kazakhstan, Kuwait, Kyrgyzstan, Lebanon, Nigeria, Oman, Pakistan, Qatar, Russia, Somalia, Syria, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, UAE, Uganda, Uzbekistan, Yemen

Office for business services


China France Germany Iraq
Russia Switzerland Turkey UAE


1962 Establishment of Golrang Manufacturing
2008 Establishment of facial tissues
production line
1972 Incorporation of Pakshoo chemical
manufacturing company
 2009 Establishment of Ofogh Kourosh
2000  Establishment of 2 distribution companies
& raw material production site
 2011 Establishment of edible oil
production plant
2003  Formation as a holding;
Golrang Industrial Group (GIG)
 2013 Establishment of chewing gum factory
2005  Establishment of cosmetics line  2014 Opening the biggest cineplex in MENA
2007 Incorporation of first overseas Mfg. Co.,
starting powder production line in Iran
 2018 Becoming the busiest cinema complex,
opening 1000 th supermarket