Aquzolen 4mg Ampoules

Aquzolen 4mg Ampoules

Aquzolen 4mg Ampoules
Chemical structure of Zoledronic Acid



Chemical structure of Triptorelin acetate

CAS Number of Zoledronic Acid 165800-06-6
Molecular formula C5H10N2O7P2
Routes Intravenous infusion
Originator Polpharma Poland
  Finished Dosage forms produced by Varian Pharmed Co.
Aquzolen 4mg Ampoules Each box contains 1 ampoule (4 mg/5 mL) .
Therapeutic Indications:

  Aquzolen is used to:
1) Reduce the abnormal amount of calcium in the blood for example, in the presence of a tumor. This is because tumors can accelerate normal bone change in such a way that the release of calcium from bone is increased. This condition is known as tumor-induced hypercalcemia.
2) Prevent or delay skeletal complications for example, fractures of the bone and bone pain requiring surgery or radiotherapy, as a result of bone metastases (cancer that has spread from the tumor to the bone) due to different types of tumors.

What it does:
Aquzolen is a member of a group of substances called bisphosphonates. These strongly bind to the bone and slow down the rate of bone change. In addition, Aquzolen may prevent bone destruction and uncontrolled bone growth associated with the tumor spreading to the bone.